Light-blue ringlet

Голубое кольцо
Голубое кольцоГолубое кольцоГолубое кольцоГолубое кольцо
We represent to your attention a master class of a graceful ringlet.

You will need:

- Crystal Art beads 12021/035C, 10MM;
- light-blue round wire 7701, color 17, diameter of 1MM;
- blue round wire 7701, color 15, diameter of 1MM;
- round pliers;
- nippers;
- a form for rings.

Work processing:

Take 2 pieces of light-blue wire and 1 piece of blue wire with length of 50 cm. Place blue wire between two light blue wires. Put the center of pieces to a form for rings of the corresponding size and wind it twice. Overwind the ends among themselves one time (fig. 1).

Separate 1 blue wire from lump, then string light-blue bead (Preciosa) and attach it. Twist all ends of a wire among themselves, stacking them circle-wise (fig. 2). Attach 3 more beads in such a way.

Fix the ends of blue wire and cut them off. Lay the ends of light-blue wire by loops over the beads. Keep on eye that the wire lays in parallel to each other. Leave the ends of a wire with length on some centimeters and twirl them by means of round pliers (fig. 3).

The bright and elegant ringlet will give highlights to your dress, as well as refresh your look.

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