Necklace - Sea splashes

Колье Морские брызги
Колье Морские брызгиКолье Морские брызгиКолье Морские брызгиКолье Морские брызгиКолье Морские брызгиКолье Морские брызгиКолье Морские брызги
We represent to your attention a master class of a gentle-blue necklace "Sea splashes".

You will need:

- CrystalArt beads 133TDM/Turquoise;
- Preciosa Ornela beads No. 78134;
- monothread;
- beading needle;
- round pliers;
- bead’s earclips;
- fastener;
- studs earrings.

Work processing:

String 10 beads (Preciosa) on a working thread and close them in a ring, passing a needle through the 1st bead (Preciosa) (fig. 1).

String 3 beads (Preciosa) and pass a needle through the 3rd bead (Preciosa) of the 1st row. String 3 beads (Preciosa) once again and pass a needle through the 5th bead (Preciosa) of the 1st row. Continue weaving circle-wise until the end of a row and take out a needle according to fig. 2.

The following rows weaving in the same way (fig. 3). Weave a braid of desirable length. If it is necessary grow a working thread in the course of weaving.

When weaving of a braid is ended, it is necessary to attach a fastener. By means of beads weave circle-wise the end of a braid in any order to close the opening. Fix the studs earrings on the end of a braid, put bead’s earclips on it and bend the end of studs earrings in the form of a ring  by round pliers, densely pressing bead’s earclips to the braid. Pu on a fastener. On the other side of the braid repeat the same actions, but do not attach the fastener.

It is necessary to sew beads to the braid. Find the center of the braid and fix a working thread. Sew the largest beads in the center of the braid. The beads must be smaller by the size and the bigger distance has to be between them from the center.

To sew a large bead you need to string a bead and 3 beads (Preciosa) on the working thread. Pass a needle through the bead in the opposite direction and take it out through beads of braid near the first bead. For sewing of small beads there is enough 1 bead (Preciosa). Sewing beads accurately stretch the working thread through the beads of braid that it will not be visible.

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