Necklace - Chameleon

Ожерелье Хамелеон
Ожерелье ХамелеонОжерелье ХамелеонОжерелье ХамелеонОжерелье ХамелеонОжерелье ХамелеонОжерелье Хамелеон
We present a master class of an unusual necklace "Chameleon".  

You will need:

- CrystalArt beads 13005/015ABC, Table Cut AB;
- CrystalArt beads 12041/111C, 8X8MM;
- Preciosa Ornela bugles No. 23980/3*(467)
- Preciosa Ornela beads No. 10070;
- Preciosa Ornela beads No. 20060/1;
- fastener;
- stopper;
- monothread;
- beading needle;
- round pliers / flat-nose pliers

Work processing:

Take a working thread of suitable length and fix 1 bead holder on the end. String on 1 orange bead (Preciosa), 1 bugle, 3 violet beads (Preciosa), 1 orange bead, 3 violet beads (Preciosa), 1 bugles and pass the thread through the 1st orange bead (Preciosa) according to the pattern.

String on 1 chameleon bead, 1 orange bead (Preciosa), 1 bugles and pass the thread through the violet bead (Preciosa) according to the pattern (fig. 1).

Continue weaving in the same way until you get the necklace of desirable length. Grow a working thread as required. Weaving has to be ended with stringing 2 violet beads (Preciosa), 1 orange bead, 3 violet beads (Preciosa), 1 bugles, passing through 1 orange bead (Preciosa) and then – back through bugle and violet bead (Preciosa) (fig. 2).

String on 1 violet bead (Preciosa), 1 stopper and fastener. Pass the thread in the opposite direction through the stopper, tighten the thread and clamp the stopper with flat-nose pliers or round pliers. String on 1 violet bead (Preciosa) and pass the thread according to the pattern.

Fix the thread and cut it off.

On the other hand take out a bead holder and fix a fastener in the same way.

Unsurpassed CrystalArt beads colors play on the necklace will give highlights to your look!

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